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Celebrating individuality, community, authenticity and growth, a focus of the collective is placed on exploring these traits within ourselves and each other. Each creative involved has a unique message, image and sound that deserves to be shared with the world. Together we brainstorm, create and set objectives under one brand by creating from all aspects of media. The long game is the motto here with efforts to build long lasting legacies and bodies of work that can stand the tests of time.



The 2ill Collective founder is a Chicago land native who continues to travel the world and mark his stamp where ever he goes. A Hip-Hop traditionalist at heart, he also mixes influences from Neo soul & Jazz; combining accessibility with a message. Switching from bravado raps to introspection and smooth melodies, he balances it all through lyricism.


Born in Los Angeles, California then moved to Arizona 8 years later with his father and brother after the death of his grandparents and mother, Antwon Az found a love for music years later as it helped him understand the world an deal with the pain.


Lost in the Southern California suburbs, Morgan used art to both escape and express their surroundings. As a neuro divergent internet kid, Morgan never fitted the mold & always pushed their boundaries by blending Alternative, Soul and Pop sounds.


Maryland's own electrifying versatile recording artist delivers a combination of Hip-Hop and alternative genres. The Ghanaian native began his music career as a source to outlet his thoughts. Challenging conformity and breaking down barriers with his musical landscape, Mishi leaves listeners electrified and wanting more.


Jakob John is a multi-faceted artist/producer/business owner with dedicated mastery of eight instruments and counting. After extensive stints in multiple bands spanning nearly a decade, Jakob founded SSD in 2017. Whether it's through his production, beats, videos, or other affiliated artists, Jakob is always expanding his collection of talents through any and all genres in search of that new sound.


Born/raised on the East side of Joliet, Illinois, Lucid started rapping when he was 13. He has since captured audiences throughout the Midwest with his raw emotion and lyrical content. He started a movement that took off amongst fans called “Looney Gang”. He used this movement to establish a close relationship with them. To this day, he continues to perfect his craft and take the world by storm.


Kas (they/them) is Black, queer musician, producer, filmmaker and organizer from St. Louis, Missouri, currently based in New York City. Their fusion of alternative R&B, melodic rap, and Neo-Soul creates a genre-bending musical palette that encourages radical, endless exploration. Kas’s primary passion as a musician is bringing community together and opening up space for a deeper engagement with our inner truths.Their mission is to harness music as a tool for guiding us in the process of understanding each other, and for understanding ourselves.


Y.M.A (Young Majestic Artist) is an American Hip-Hop Artist, entrepreneur, community activist and father - emerging from the South. His music tends to attract a wide variety of people which brings them together to achieve a common goal: to rise from the struggle.


Singer-songwriter Nekiya Ade was born/raised in South Central Los Angeles and is a force to be reckoned with in world of Pop and R&B music. She discovered her love for music early as it helped her cope with life in urban Los Angeles. On a pursuit to discover her sound, she has developed quit a resume, collaborating with various local artists in Los Angeles.


Raised in Stamford, CT, he grew up around musicians and performers until his mother moved to Louisiana and he started getting involved in delinquent activities. He decided to move in with his mom and turn himself around before long. Now a college grad, he seeks to help 2ill broaden its creative facets and avenues through interviewing and more.



Born/raised in Tuscon, Arizona, Gabe extends his creativity to beat making, visual art and instrumentation as well. He describes himself as a musician first and an artist second but the love for both are parallel. He honors being his true self and sees it as a superpower. He states "I learned that being different is a good thing, so I use that in every aspect of my life".


Born/raised in San Diego, California, Coties's music is a combination of Dark R&B and Trap. Visiting big cities, taking in the bright lights, the fast cars, and experiencing new relationships all inspire his music which reflects a sense of youthfulness and growth.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Gib views his art as a groovy combination of Rap, Soul, and Alternative. After the tragic deaths of his grandpa, dad, and best friend, Gib began his music journey. From Arizona to Hawaii to Alaska, Gib's roots is diverse and rich. His message to the world is “ONE LOVE”.






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